Now it can be very fast. With thousands of drugs on record, our database offers the premier resource concerning latex content in pharmaceutical products. LatexDrugs was created in 2003 by pharmacists so that healthcare professionals could gather latex content information in a quick and efficient manner. We simply could not find an effective way to gather the necessary information, so we developed LatexDrugs to fill the void.

Database Highlights:

  • All information is supplied directly from pharmaceutical manufacturer documentation.
  • All information is linked to the manufacturer's contact information for easy follow-up and increased reliability.
  • All data is entered, reviewed, and updated by a team of pharmacists.
  • Every pharmaceutical product is reviewed for accuracy on a regular basis. If our data cannot be confirmed, we delete the product from our database.
  • Information can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. You do not have to wait for M-F, 9am-5pm to get your answer.
  • Search functionality is simple and very fast.

Please feel free to try out a portion of our database via Guest Entry.

No more paper files!

  • Consider all the time it takes to gather latex information from manufacturers for a paper file.
  • How much time is lost sifting through all of the files for a particular product?
  • There is an increased chance of misinterpretation of the information when using a paper file due to the different ways pharmaceutical companies present their data.
  • Is the information still accurate if the information is several years old?

Finally! We have needed this resource for years.
As the amount of patients whom claim a sensitivity to latex grows, our database will become your greatest resource. In addition, LatexDrugs is an extremely useful way to show The Joint Commission that you are taking extra strides to protect your patients. Make our database an integral part of your latex protocol.


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